January 11, 2009


Sleeping In Blue Jeans is a first run, single edition book of my own poetry (and Polaroids) produced primarily during 2008, collected, printed and bound in December. Currently this is the only copy in existence. It contains twenty poems.
An excerpt:
Muddy Banks of the St. Lawrence

Seagull with a French fry beak
Flew over to us
On a poor sandy beach
With a swimming pool
Up the street
Two children and a backyard
Two children and a broken fence
Two children and a mud garden

Levitt towns for Canada
And load bearing wallpaper
Two children and a broken tree

We stole food
From neighbouring gardens
We fought off demons
With fake finger guns
Raced our bicycles
To alley way graves
We told horror stories
Beneath balconies

Fists full of dirt
Hidden from rain
The mud garden grew


BrendanGeorge said...

you don't know how long I've been planing this and to see you beat me to it makes me jealous. you'll have to let me see it, then maybe steal it, so that mine looks more original.

O W L E Y E S said...

ditto and it's in the works

and i love love love your words