January 20, 2009


Field Study by Amanda Rataj
[A nice little show
With some people I know
Here's how the story goes]

Artists often find themselves collecting, honing, searching, gleaning & storing; whether the act is for self assurance, filling up space or preparing for hibernation, the discourse of collecting is an intriguing field.

We, the collectors,
request the pleasure of your presence on
Wednesday evening, January twenty-eighth
from five until seven o'clock for a humble reception.
Tea & biscuits will be served at the north end of the venue.

Featuring collections in sculpture, photography, installation, printmaking & textile by
Nic Carlino
Nathan Cyprys
Danielle Dengerink
Brendan George Ko
Faye Mullen
Andrea Osojnik
Amanda Rataj
Steve Rollings

Elisabeth Shipman

A show dedicated to the artists' compulsive act of collecting at one hundred McCaul Street in Transit Space.
Climb the spiral staircase and walk to your right-hand side.


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Elasmasaurus said...

collectors. everywhere.