February 11, 2009


It's a rainy afternoon and I've been planning on selling my flesh.
The bulk store in the market charges five dollars and forty-nine cents a pound for dried mango. I wonder how much I could charge, what sort of profits would be seen. Would it be part of your homemade trail mix, next to the dried apricots and pretzels as part of a simple and healthy snack during that camping trip with the wife and kids all packed up in the Toyota Prius? Kayaks tied to the top, mountain bikes hitched on the back, cooler with the veggie-burgers in the trunk and little Sally and Michael in the backseat debating who gets the most of my skin from the mix as their grubby hands lunge down into the ziplock bag.
It has recently been proven by several popular medical journals that the effects of physical pressure on the body result in a calming effect and absence of anxiety from the brain. A small and specifically trained team of scientists (funded by M____ Corp.) are in the process of developing a machine for placing such pressure on a negatively afflicted patient and supplying them with such pressure. Thus far the prototype involves two large stainless steel plates which embrace the afflicted and place force at a desired amount by use of a remote control. The 'Hug Machine v1.0' is expected for use in places of transit by 2011 and available as a Facebook App[lication] by 2014.
There is a trade in flesh, and there is a trade in mechanization and I have lost all sense of a grasp on either. Place me in fields, buried in soil, covered in vegetation of the deepest emerald greens and loveliest golds. This is where the truest tales are told and have been told for centuries past. It is our constant humming which has drowned them out.


k t said...

i love that photo, it is very white and nice.


Oh gosh. I just read a bunch of things about this need for pressure. What happened to our ability to ask another for what we need? Why can't a stranger come up to you and say, "Listen. I don't really want to be touched right now, it will drive me crazy actually, but I am telling you as a stranger (a friend) that I really need you to hug me so that my heart can feel it and I can start breathing properly again. Can you please do this for me?" Souls hugging souls is all we really want to be. I am sick of tired of all this technology replacing limbs and life and love filled flesh.
(I like that picture)