February 14, 2009


'All Thy Glory, Come Unto Thee-' [$10000, or best offer, 647-269-3349] front & back

I'm not sure if the lovely people at NSCAD will want this in their art show. I'm also not sure if this will even make it as far as the coast. Perhaps halted on its journey by a fetishistic mail man who had to add it to his personal collection of interesting, but stolen mail. Or maybe burned by a feminist mail worker at a ceremonial bra and degenerate art burning, where my intentions are grossly misinterpreted.
Godspeed, my child.

(Charley, if you see this, modest photographic proof of its presence would be appreciated...)


BrendanGeorge said...

if this doesn't say porn addict I don't know what does.


HA. This is awesome. I hope it makes it's journey.
I like to think about how many hands it might pass through and how much foreign matter may be attached because of it.

Charley said...

bahaha! This is priceless- "2000 dollars or Best offer!"
(Go Boobs Go)
and yes, i will gather some photographic evidence should it's journey be sucessful.

Charley said...

i mean 10000

anne said...

I looked at this three times before I noticed the penis..and the rest of the man...and what was occurring..

anne said...

(I just thought she was wearing a funny necklace.)

n said...

she was probably wearing what they call a "pearl necklace" afterwards, i would assume.
and not the kind your grandma urma wears, unless she was a vaudeville burlesque dancer in the 1940s.

dagrease said...

hahaha pearl necklace, she would.

omcatamney said...


Allison said...

ah! as i scrolled through the comments, i was all ready to write "a PEARL necklace!" but i see that you've beat me to it. well played, mr cyprys.

well worth 10 grand indeed.

alicia said...

hey mail art! do you like Ray Johnson?? he is the best, the fucking best! do you want to send me some mail? i will send you something back;

810 bloor st apt. 300
M6G 1L9