February 2, 2009


M____ Corp. (xxxxxxxxx@xxxxxxxx.com)

Mon 2/02/09 7:47 PM

Looking for team players who can develop well within community work environments where individual action is a key asset. Aims include downsizing upgrading downloading upconverting and downplaying gross loss of net profits from within. Ideal candidates are well rounded with a centre that resides everywhere at once and are content with such. Must be coherent with e-mail e-bills e-lectrical e-jaculation e-conomic e-gotists and elated by emerging estate equity opportunity.
Should project proposal goals be met within substantiated time periods salary increases may be reviewed accordingly. However, due to economic affairs, responsibilities regarding mass lay-offs may be officiated to the position holder. Should they not excel within their position they will be left responsible for their own termination, and should so complete it within a reasonable time frame.

M____ Corp. is constantly striving to eradicate offshore industrial mining opportunities where we are capable of producing global change and substantiating it as such to government officials. M____ Corp.'s production lines are currently experiencing an exponential proliferation which gives investors infallible reassurance of our growth and development as a key player within the market.
M____ Corp. strives for excellence and only narrowly falls short of permanence.



dagrease said...

sounds perfect, where do i sign?

kristi said...

write more blllllloooooogs