April 30, 2009


Second semester of my third year is done, and sometimes in the rush of things I forget to thank those who make it all come together in the end. So consider this an official "Hey you, yeah, I'm talking to you- Thanks!" [in no particular order]

Ian, the painter cameraman subject.

Olivia, the painter subject.
Donna, the cat-tea subject.
Cindy, the busy fashion subject.
Delroy, the videophone subject.
Amanda K, the cute Irish subject.
Brendan, the dry mounting teacher subject. [not the dirty kind]
Elise, the take-care-of-me-all-day-when-I-fall-off-my-bike subject.
Faye, the Toronto Dad wood shop teacher.
Amanda R, the Toronto Mom 4x5 teacher.
Nick, the I'm-not-sure-what's-real teacher.
Cara, the work-can-include-donuts-and-wine teacher.
Salina, the saw-me-in-my-undies suitcase subject.
Erin, the ruler of the digital lab and therefore demonic queen of the underworld.
Paul, the sorry-my-lighting-sucks-today subject.
Kotama, the did-alot-of-work-for-3rd-year-show class assistant.
Hugh, the nicest-person-in-photo 4x5 teacher technician.
Aurora Mom & Dad.

Sorry if I forgot you. I really didn't mean to.


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amanda said...

I am the best 4x5 mom ever!

thanks n.

BrendanGeorge said...


and thanks for putting me so high high up on your list of blogs.

the three musky-tears keepin' nick-pye real.