September 19, 2009


A one year hiatus and a surprise return to this place seemed like the most suitable decision.
I think next time I'd like to venture further into those mountains. I'd like to see how far it is I can travel until currency starts to matter again.
No, maybe I'm safer where pudding covered faces and elbows on tables are my greatest concern. Currency in gummy worms was always my preference anyway, any sort of money with a gooey centre that is. It sticks to your teeth and rots them away in your sleep while the dirt in your hair sprinkles over your pillow case like a sandman's hourglass. He sends dreams that are just like days into my brain.
One week is all I need to remember my youth; eleven months and three weeks is all I need to forget it.

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BrendanGeorge said...

as I sleep in the chest of hair.