December 17, 2009


Polaroid test from Doe Lake, 2009: The North Bay Texans.
I went swimming here, if you want proof and to see some of my newest images come check out Easy Tiger's charity art sale at Starving Artist this Friday (tomorrow). All the artwork will be for sale and 100% of the profits are going to a good cause.
Get the skinny (not dipping) here.


a said...

this looks just like an illustration inside the cover of a book i had as a child. also, beautiful.

faye. said...

doe lake holds us dearly. what an image to capture a day.

i didn't know about this 'easy tiger's' thing: i would have been there with bells on my face.

Linda Pochinda said...

oh my you got a polarid camera! and I love you pics! I love those kinds of camers so unique and oldish. i got one but never got to use it since i haven't got any film yet.. do you know a good place to get it??

n said...

Hi Linda,

It depends which type of Polaroid camera you're referring to. The camera I used for this shot has film that is still being produced by Fuji. Just look up Fuji instant pack film, it's a peel-apart type.
If you let me know the model name/number of your camera I can tell you if film is still readily available for it or not.