January 7, 2010


These are late.

Our noses were pointed straight north like compasses with only maple jelly filled donuts in our bellies and a bottle of whiskey in the back seat. The thing about a small town that you know you'll only be visiting shortly (and you are almost certain you'll never be back to) is that you can be someone completely different. No- it's not that you can, it's that you are.
It wasn't just the beer that had me naked in a bathtub covered in stolen ketchup.


BrendanGeorge said...

you mean we're not going back. you know the zoo needs people like us. plus, don't tell me when you look into your heart you don't feel something profound missing when you think of a certain strip club.

faye. said...

mister Brendan for got the famous name of a certain strip club. he admitted it to me on friday.