February 13, 2010


Going somewhere with Faye can be like taking the kids grocery shopping. We lock her in the car with a crack in the window and promise to be back in five minutes, but she's gone. We're locked out. We make up for the cold weather with 6oz burgers covered in hot peppers (a burrito for the vegetarian). A lack of colour seems to suit this dull season.
I should move us all to Miami. Shovels-Across-Canada digging up the earth and planting it on the bursting belly of this planet, scorched under the temperamental sun. From Brazil to Kenya, Somalia to the Congo. We could be that remote island in the South Pacific, Kanata.


Anonymous said...

Bodies in the sand, tropical drink melting in your hand.
We'll be falling in love to the rhythm of a steel drumband.
Going down on Kokomo

LOOM said...

i cannot tell you how many times i have read this
(these words)
the visuals just move me

a lot of me feels as though it is the most gorgeous thing my mind has ever indulged in
or something