November 1, 2010


After much anticipation I finally got a new computer. Editing and managing my work just got a whole lot easier!
You may note my desktop image is a photograph (cropped) of Sally Mann's work. Sometimes though, finding images I really like online at 1920x1080 px can be challenging. Sorting through all the shots of girls in thongs on motorcycles can be daunting.
So I invite you, my artistically inclined reader, to send me an image or two that you have produced (72 dpi, sRGB, 1920x1080 px minimum) and I will return the favour. A classic case of "You show me yours, I'll show you mine."
(I will give bonus points and a firm handshake to anyone who has anything that looks good across a dual-monitor display).

You can forward all images to info [at]


Dani DeVille said...

I love offers like this. .. but I am just plain stupid when it comes to the dpi, rgs, px this that this. I cant take photos and I can crop them and edit them a little, but Lord anything to do with size and Im in big trouble.

n said...


No worries! Feel free to send an uncropped/sized jpeg. As long as the pixel width and height matches or exceeds 1920px and 1080px. You can find this information by right-clicking the file and selecting 'properties' or 'get info'. If you still aren't sure, feel free to send anyway and I can let you know if its the right size. I'm always happy to see new images regardless.


Wallpapers said...

Nice work you do with the blog mate.