January 19, 2011


After being the official photographer for the last session of STOPTALKING, I finally get to join in on the fun. Here are those most important of details.
Who: Me and my ukulele
What: STOPTALKING 6, a variety show of poetry, performances, projections and other things that don't necessarily start with the letter P
When: Saturday January 29th, 9PM (I'll be one of the first few people on, the Island Ferry has me on an early curfew)
Why: Because it's always a rambunctious good time.

And if you aren't sick of me after that, one of my experimental film pieces will be screened at this year's 8 Fest along with a bunch of other great shorts also shot on Super-8mm film.

Sunday, January 20th, 9PM.

"But why leave my apartment and pay $5 to see a bunch of cool experimental and totally independently produced films in a wicked cool back-alley projection room when I can just watch your films on your website at home in my underwear?" you may ask...
Well, the 8 Fest only screens works from 8mm prints- all that grain, the humming of the projector, and not a pixel to be seen, the very reason I began to work in this medium!

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