April 9, 2011


I've been devising a plan to make my life play out more like a Bruce Springsteen song. I've been doing long division, memorizing the names of the states (in no particular order) and attempting to forget my signature. I've been talking to people as though I know who I am and what I'll become.
At certain angles when the image refracts back at me in a particular way this town seems mostly like fat girls in Pontiac Sunfires with cigarette seats. I'm finding the light can often be too harsh in some places though, so I learn to settle and let my eyes adjust. It's easier to see this way, though I sacrifice my objective seat.
Bruce would have never made a plan, he would've just started running, though he never seemed much the jogger. Then again, I only know three of his songs.

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REID said...

i love springsteen
glory days makes me cry