July 24, 2011


There once was a time when you could visit the Toronto Reference Library and browse through a thick catalogue of 16mm motion picture films. This was a list of all the titles which were available for borrowing (given 1-2 weeks notice, for preparations to be made and film to be inspected). Titles ranging from Charlie Chaplin silents to educational films from the 1970s, a plethora of NFB material and even Degrassi Junior High episodes (and no, I don't mean the one with Drake in a wheelchair).
This collection has recently been removed from the library. Its location I have not yet been able to determine, but I am destined to discover. A gem for small gauge film enthusiasts among Toronto has seemingly vanished. If only I had had more time to take advantage of it.

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n said...

UPDATE: The collection was donated to an unnamed company. They are no longer in circulation and are used now as stock footage, or something of that nature, by this particular company.