December 26, 2011


O'Born Contemporary is having their First Annual Emergent Artist Group Exhibition this coming January. The exhibition, titled After the End, will have an opening reception held Friday, January 13th from 6-9PM at 131 Ossington Ave, Toronto. Libations will be available.

My piece, titled Mud Forest, will be shown alongside works from artists Sylvia Adamcik, Bryan Belanger, Scott Everingham, Frank Gross, Hannah Hur, Adriana Kupych, Ryan Louis, Anna Mifsud-Sweeney, Sophia Solaris, Monika Traikov and Ian Willms.

On another note to any of my readers nearby Dresden, Germany: be sure to check out my film Untitled [One] at the 13th dresdner schmalfilmtage, a small-gauge film festival where films are judged to win the favour of the jury and audience.

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